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About Green Village , Affordable home stay at bKodaikanal, Ooty,Munnar,Yercaud Munnar,Have you always wanted to plant trees and gain revenue from it but found it difficult to find the place and time for it? Well, we’re here to help you with it! The Green Villages started in 2016, is located in Kodaikanal have helped over 100 clients to find suitable places to buy Farmlands, House plots and provided them with Home services. We have also guided organic farming over the years with the best and proven methods to get better yields and provided services for maintaining the lands with manpower. One of our specialties is that we are equipped with the best legal services in town, who take the challenging problems and help sell us the land with ease.

We at Green Villages register land under your name and grow the plants you desire and earn revenue.
Still waiting? Know this, the sooner you register, the better.

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